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June 19th, 2017     MONDAY
  This workshop aims at the international delegates to attend with their Chinese colleagues to get a mutual understanding what is needed to be done for a successful notification in China
07:30-09:00 New Chemical Notification in China 

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[updated 19 June]
Xiaojian Liu, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, MEP
Vincent Wang, Milliken
Ann Ho, AICM
Seminar 1 Global approach to new chemicals, polymers and biocides
09:15-10:45 Chair Rüdiger V. Battersby, EBRC
  Compare/contrast new chemical notification systems: chemicals Karon Armstrong, 3M
Compare/contrast new chemical notification systems: polymers Vincent Wang, Milliken
10:45-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-13:15 Compare/contrast global biocides regulations Wen Yu, Dow
Data requirements and development of a global test program;
Industry examples of implementing a global test program;
Re-using test data between different notification systems
Joyce Borkhoff, Intertek

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13:15-14:15 Lunch break
Seminar 2 Korea
In-depth SEMINAR
14:15-15:45 Chair David Nelissen, Accenture
Overview of "K-REACH" and its Regulatory Implementation in comparison with EU-REACH  William Zhou, REACH24H
Overview of other relevant Korean Chemical legislation (CCA, OSHA, ….) and the impact of Biocides regulation on K-REACH and industry  Sanghee Park, Chemtopia
15:45-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-18:15 Implementation and Practical preparation of K-REACH registration  Eun Kyoung Ryu, BASF
Experience with Submission of Joint Registration with CSR: a Business Example Alex Li, Chemtura
Data sharing and use of EU REACH data for K-REACH registration; Consortia modelling Willi Muenninghoff, ReachCentrum

» Download Seminar 2 Handbook (67.97MB)
19:00–22:00 Welcome Reception supported by:   haskoningDHV

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